Vaccination and Pregnancy

The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists offer expert advice to women about taking the vaccine during pregnancy.  This flyer answers many of the questions pregnant women may have when they are considering the vaccine.

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Doctors Share Their Decision About Vaccine During Pregnancy

Making the right decision about taking a vaccine when she was pregnant late last year was a critical one for Dr. Caroline Caperton and her husband Dr. Minh Tran. Following their research Dr. Caperton, an allergy/immunology specialist, and Dr. Tran, a pediatric intensivist, were convinced it was safe for her and their unborn baby. Click to see what influenced their decision.

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Christian Briery, MD and Clint Cormier, MD, maternal-fetal medicine specialists at Willis-Knighton’s Regional Perinatal Group, discuss common myths, misconceptions and misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and how they affect mothers, mothers-to-be and children.

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