Community Commitment - Grant (Over $5,000)

Submission Instructions

Before submitting a request, be sure your request meets the guidelines listed on our website.

The request form will ask you to include contact information for your organization, executive name and contact, number of people served and annual local spending in our community. Be prepared to include information about other anticipated funding sources for your request.


Please review the required documents below and be sure to save them in PDF format before filling out the request form below.

Required Documents for Grants

  • Board of Directors  (for 501(c)3 organizations)
  • IRS Status Determination Letter (for 501(c)3 organizations)
  • W-9 Form
  • Most Recent Form 990
  • Project Narrative (to include the following)
    • Overview of Organization, leadership, population served
    • Statement of Need
    • Goals/Objectives of Proposal
    • Anticipated Impact
    • Evaluation Methods and Outcomes to Be Tracked
    • Number of People to Be Served Through Proposal
  • Support Memo from Willis Knighton Department Director (if applicable, for healthcare organization requests)
  • Additional Details Regarding Benefits to Willis-Knighton (200 words)